Three Little Pigs 


Johnny Lazy - Gogo The Clown

Alice Sheforethought

The Show Queen

Babyface Boo

Spare Aforethought

Mrs Baits and Mrs Gumm

The Lad

and recently….

The Tumbleweeds : Burdock in Black, Thistle in Pink and Nettle in Blue!

Jolly Roger

(Just an insight into the characters from Cuckoo Land. If you check out the links have a click about. whole blog. All these dolls are for sale (there’s been a bit of interest already ;) and I also do commissioned dolls in the same styles (eg). They are all rag dolls and 100% hand made; from the carcass to the fine detail. They’re not supposed to be “perfect” and they are what they are. And they are not toys - it is art! My email: cazzak@hotmail.co.uk subject: “Cuckoo Land Doll” or “Commission Doll”. FB page! Twitter, @CCKimberley! Also any comments or questions always welcome. 

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